Real-time, centralized, intuitive, web-based warrant and protection order application for all of Ohio.

In response to the number of outstanding warrants and growing backlog of unserved warrants in Ohio, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine created the Ohio Governor’s Warrant Task Force in February 2019. The Warrant Task Force studied how Ohio’s 1,361 entities with access to the Ohio Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) utilize it and recommended a uniform statewide electronic system. Governor DeWine tasked Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted, as Director of InnovateOhio, with the development of a new uniform statewide electronic warrant and protection order system in partnership with the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.

Meigs county common pleas court went live April 29th with bench and indictment warrants

"...prior to eWarrants it took hours to sit and enter paper warrants into LEADS. Now that I have eWarrants I look forward to entering warrants!! When Meigs County first went live I entered 5 eWarrants in an hour! Entering a warrant the old way, I average 1 warrant an hour. I absolutely recommend every county join eWarrants, the time it saves and the information in provides to all parties involved, it is just astounding! eWarrants is a game changer."
— Amanda Larkins
LEADS TAC/Records Clerk
Meigs County Sheriff's Office

"Having access to the eWarrants work flow is so important to a county like ours, where we could not afford to set up the much needed system ourselves. eWarrants was welcomed for many reasons."
— Judge Linda R. Warner
Meigs Common Pleas Court

The system will:

Be free to Ohio criminal justice agencies

Allow warrants and protection orders to be visible statewide, in real-time

Improve the accuracy of firearm background checks

Improve public safety situational awareness

Each of these improvements will help save lives and protect Ohioans.

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